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L'uso di biomarcatori per la diagnosi precoce nell'Alzheimer

Alzheimer's disease can be diagnosed early and accurately with laboratory and neuroimaging biomarkers. The current use of biomarkers follows more pressure from patients and families "who wish to know” than empirical data on clinical benefit. The practical consequence is that patients seeking medical advice for memory and other cognitive disturbances receive a widely variable treatment depending on where, even in the same country or city, they seek advice. Oncologists have developed a framework for the rational development of diagnostic biomarkers and their translation to clinical routine.
Objective: to outline a roadmap to the rational, evidence-based, effective, and efficient translation of Alzheimer's diagnostic biomarkers from research to routine clinical use in Europe.
The Vision: the roadmap will align scientists, funding agencies, and health care providers on a shared plan to exploit biomarkers for the diagnosis of AD. Patients will enjoy the same high level approach wherever in Europe they will be consulted.
Participants: 30 internationally recognised experts in biomarker development and use, and other key stakeholders.